Stap lo As Ples (At Our Home Town)

Where in the World are Wards?

Through 5 counties, multiple airports, and several tight connections, we are now in Idaho. 

We were so happily surprised after walking through the arrival gate to be met by a totally unexpected welcome party of close family friends waiting for us despite our late arrival time. It was so special to be greeted with big hugs!

Hello jet lag! And we’re already experiencing a little bit of culture shock. Daniel was a bit scared and confused trying to use the escalator for the first time in the airports.

We have more news and updates coming soon…


Refresh a Wounded Soul

Refresh a Wounded Soul:
Trading a bottle of tears for a bottle of clean water — Psalm 56:8

When even your family participates in beating and torturing you, where can you turn for help? In Papua New Guinea (PNG) the Meri Safe Haus may be the only option for these survivors of extreme, brutal violence. Papua New Guinea is known for being one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a woman. Here 68% of women have experienced domestic and/or sexual abuse, rising in the highlands to nearly 100% of wives.

This post contains mildly graphic images 

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