Visiting Mammoth Cave National Park

by Sarah (age 8)

Mammoth DomeOn the way from Louisville, KY to Nashville, TN, we stopped at Mammoth Cave National Park. I really liked climbing all the stairs, about 500 in all. We went on a 2-hour guided tour. It wasn’t scary, but it was really large. They had lights on but, when they turned off the lights it was really dark. It was cold, but after climbing all the steps we warmed up. Dad had to carry Daniel a whole lot. I am disappointed that we didn’t see any bats. But we had to walk on some mats as we left the cave that cleaned our shoes to protect the bats. The museum at the Visitor’s Center was great. It tells about the really cool animals.

One thought on “Visiting Mammoth Cave National Park

  1. I’m so glad you’re helping Daddy and Mommy write, Sarah. You did a great job! Caves are really interesting, aren’t they? I hope you’re enjoying your trip. Grandmom


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