Back In the Ol’ Stompin Grounds

By Jenny

We’re back in Knoxville, TN, Mom and Dad’s hometown area (Nov 1 – 9). It’s been really neat to drive around and see all the different places they grew up in. Some of them I’ve seen before, so its neat to be able to show them to Sarah, who is seeing them for the first time.

Grace had a birthday the night we pulled into Clinton. Seventeen! We had hot fudge cake at Shoney’s to celebrate.

Sunday, Mom and Dad shared for a few moments at Main Street Baptist, Rocky Top, Mom’s high school church. We enjoyed a quiet afternoon with our Great-Mamaw, before moving on to speak at Buffat Heights Church.

It’s been nice to be back in familiar country, full of memories.


An update from Brian: Thanks Pastor and friend Wayne Phillips for your love and encouragement. And thanks Main Street Baptist for a chance to share with you our family and our new adventure moving overseas. Finally, thanks for taking good care of Mamaw Phillips.

A word to our new friends at Buffat Heights Baptist Church, wow! Thanks for welcoming us in and letting us share with your evening service. Pastor Dave, sounds like your are leading well there. So glad to have your church praying for our family and ministry

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