Blacksburg, VA – The beginning of it all

by Brian

Blacksburg, VA – This is where Christy and I started our married life and where God gave us the first 4 of our 6 children. This is also where we made some of our closest friends as we went through all those life lessons of learning how to be spouses, parents, begin careers, and learning homemaking. Lots of deep bonds were made as we sought the Lord together. It also happens to be the windiest place we have ever lived. It snows horizontally here!

We got to see many of these friends as we spent Monday – Thursday here. This even included a day spent at Smith Mountain Lake. What a blessing to see our old friends. They don’t look so different, but what really makes us feel older is when we look at their kids. Oh, my, what changes.

Also we got to reconnect with many of those who mentored us during this time. This includes church friends and Virginia Tech faculty who invested in us. Thank you for building into us the character, love for God, and skills that have enabled us to be used by God.

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