Visiting My Old Colleagues at UVA’s College at Wise


I have been able to spend part of the last few days back on the UVA’s College at Wise campus. I worked here from 2001-2006  as Director of Technology and occasionally teaching courses in the College of Education and it was a wonderful time. I love this college nestled in the beautiful western Virgina hills. Its been great getting to go from office to office catching up with friends and swapping stories of children. Being gone for 8 years can sure make you feel much older.

We’ve Been Pounded with Love

by Grace

We arrived at Camp Bethel and were received with such a warm  welcome. Then Susan Rolen (wife of Camp Director) and Sarah Berrios gave us a big pounding. That’s where folks come and bring you a pound of this and a pound of that. Well they showed up with a crate of this and a crate of that and the crates kept coming.  It was like manna from Heaven. In fact we had just made up a shopping list, but we never had to go. They even brought ice cream!!

Then one of our old neighbors came over and brought us blankets and linens. Such sweet caring people.

Brian at work in the cabin. Thank you Lord for Internet hotspot via cell phone.

Brian at work in the cabin. Thank you Lord for Internet hotspot via cell phone.

We truly feel loved by all we have met on this trip. We are so blessed. Speechless really.

UT Buds

by Brian

On Friday, I caught up with Jonathan Miller, my good friend and discipler from my days in college at UT-Knoxville. So good to see Jon again and to know that he is still building into others like he did with me so many years ago. We didn’t get to see the rest of the family this visit 😦 but here’s a picture anyway.

A Mentor and Friend from the Past

by Brian

Thursday we got a chance to visit briefly with Dail Cantrell a friend from high school days. Dail was part of our Joy Singers youth choir that toured summers during our high school years. Dail had one of the biggest parts of our programs even though he could hardly carry a tune. Dail would give the devotional talks between songs and he really provided a great role model for those of us a few years younger. Thanks Dail for living a life before so many of us teenagers that was real, cool, and full of love for Jesus.

Dail also was also responsible for discovering Christy’s running talents and encouraging her to grow them.

We keep waiting for a chance to meet the entire family.