Our February Prayer Letter is Now Available

Our February Prayer Letter is now available at MAF’s website at http://www.maf.org/document.doc?id=2952 . This letter includes an update on our support-raising, a story from my colleague in Papua New Guinea, and details on how to learn how to do Bible Storytelling and Discussion. Thanks to all who hosted us and prayed for us on our long road trip East. It was a success in so many ways. We loved getting to visit with you. You made us feel special and that our efforts in ministry were important and appreciated. You made our travel easy and God kept everything pretty smooth.

We love you all,
The Wards

Our last stop on the way home…

by Brian

After a very hard day of driving through floods and storms, we arrived after 15 hours of driving in Logan, UT. There are very few people who you can call and say can we arrive after midnight and crash at your house. One of those are our long-time friends the Michaels. We were close friends with Sean and Delores as young families in Blacksburg, VA. The Michaels are as outdoorsy as you get. Sean and I led a high school youth group and one of our crazy projects was building a tepee. But Sean couldn’t have it just be any old tepee. No, it had to have a pit below it with an underground entrance and sleeping chambers radiating out from the pit underground.

Sean and Delores Michael 2Brian at Tepee

San Antonio, TX – The Alamo, The Frys, but alas no Spurs

By Brian

After our lunch stop in Austin, TX, we continued south to San Antonio, TX. There we toured the Alamo. Very cool to be at this historic site.


We then drove on to our friends the Frys. Wow, have all their kids grown up. They put on a splendid dinner for us and had over several families from their church to hear our presentation. Then they gave up their beds for several of us and made a wonderful breakfast for us to take on the road with us.

Unfortunately the Spurs were on a road trip.

This began a 2-day sprint across TX, AZ, and NM, until we reached CA.

Austin, TX – Hot Tacos & Cool Graffiti

by Grace

After donuts at Aunt Ashley’s we hit the road again to meet an old high-school friend of my parents, Amy (Funk) Johnson and her daughter, Isabelle, at Torchys Tacos in Austin,TX .  It was funny hearing stories about your parents when they were in high-school.

Christy and AmyTorchiesTacos with Amy

Amy recommended seeing Graffiti Park in downtown Austin, so we hiked up and had a blast taking pictures and looking at some really cool graffiti.

Tyler, have you been painting?

Tyler, have you been painting?

graffiti 7graffiti 11graffiti 1graffiti 6graffiti 3graffiti 4graffiti 10

A Visit with our Texas Cousins

by Jenny

After Georgia we  took off and drove through the night to spend the night in Mississippi.  We got up the next morning and drove to Mesquite, TX (near Dallas). That evening we stayed with our relatives, Uncle Eric (Dad’s brother) & Aunt Ashley. It was great to see our little cousins, Josh (5) and Emma (2). Emma was talking a lot more since we last saw her and you’d think she was 3 or 4! I love them both so much.

Whose the biggest kid?

Whose the biggest kid?

The kids piled up leaves and slid down the playhouse slide into them. We roasted marshmallows, and of course incinerated a few. Daniel had s’mores ALL over his face. Time to get out the wet wipes!

All Ward cousins

All the Ward cousins this summer in Spokane

Aunt Ashley picked up donuts for breakfast, which was delicious! I have a special spot in my heart for pastries <grin>. After donuts, we hit the road to Austin.