We Are Moving to Papua New Guinea in November 2015

by Brian

The jungle adventure begins for the Brian and Christy Ward family in November pngcolor2015 as they move to Goroka, Papua New Guinea. They will equip under-served ministry leaders and influencers there—helping them overcome barriers and impact lives through culturally-appropriate ministry training. Much of this will be done through the strategic use of technology such as mobile phones to deliver that training. Equipped with experience training others across the world, Brian will lead a variety of ministries and denominations to develop effective and sustainable solutions on how to effectively share Christ’s love with the people of PNG—many of whom are low-literate or prefer learning through oral methods.Native

The older Ward children (Grace, Jenny, and Jonathan) will be key members of the team using their audio/video and computer skills to create training curriculum, record sermons and indigenous praise & worship music, and develop audio-Bible stories and other resources that can be shared through solar-powered audio players or mobile phones to the ministry leaders of PNG.

Woman on PhoneChristy will continue to manage this active household, homeschool the children, and exercise her gifts of love and hospitality with neighbors, other missionaries, and national ministry leaders.

In 2006, the Wards joined MAF—leaving behind the world of academia—where Brian led universities in creating online learning, taught courses to students and faculty, and served in the administration managing information technology units. This meant a move from the wilds of Virginia to MAF’s headquarters in Idaho where Brian helped manage the MAF-Learning Technologies team and worked with ministries all over the world—from Africa to the Middle East to Latin America. With the move to PNG, the family finally will get to visit the exotic places with Brian.

Pastor PreachingMAF’s success over the past 70 plus years in supporting Christian ministries in remote areas has meant that there is now a great need for culturally- and educationally-relevant training for the millions of pastors struggling to minister in these areas. Traditionally, if these pastors have an opportunity to go to seminary or Bible school for training, most do not return to their churches. The Wards are excited about how God has uniquely prepared them to serve these isolated leaders by bringing vitally-needed biblical training and resources to Papua New Guinea and teaching those leaders to create their own resources to reach others with the Gospel.

We invite you to join our team of friends committed to prayer for us and financially support our ministry with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Papua New Guinea.

You can sign up for our Prayer Letters and give online at our MAF web page

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