This is a post by our PNG teammate Caine Ruruk about mobile phone Bibles and distribute of Bible resources by wifi “Bible Boxes”.


Bryan and Max surround by youths eager to download biblesBryan and Max surrounded by youths eager to download bibles

In the last 10 days, CRMF made awareness about the good use of technology to an estimated 3,300 people.

This is live audience numbers via power point presentations and speaking at conference venues.

Wantok Radio Light” (Christian Radio Station) was present in one of these conferences to live broadcast the potential that technology provides for the church in Papua New Guinea. In other words, a lot more people heard of the WI-Fi Bible over the radio. We thank the Lord of the knowledge and wisdom to use WI-Fi technology to distribute God’s word.

The more urgent question to ask is how to increase the capacity of downloads so that all the 200 – 300 participants attending a conference can download the resources. The team experienced that the enthusiasm of the conference participants resulted in the…

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