“…a time to keep and a time to throw away.” Ecclesiastes 6:3

by Jenny

I was reading this verse, and thought: “Wow! That really describes our life right now.” The house is slowly being packed up or cleaned out around us. This weekend we had the largest yard sale in our history. We have moved our fair share of times, but this is definitely the biggest. But there’s no surprise there, is there?

If you look close you can see our MAF display table in the center of the picture.

Click on a picture to see it larger. If you look close you can see our MAF display table in the center of the picture.

We have gone through almost every room in the house, and whatever won’t be traveling with us, or being put into storage, was moved out into the garage and then to the driveway for the yard sale. It really feels good to go through all that stuff. You realize how many things you probably should have gotten rid of already. One of Mom’s comments was: “We should pretend we’re moving to Papua New Guinea every few years!”YardSale-Baby

It was really encouraging talking to some of the people who stopped by for the sale. A lot more people than you would think have been overseas, or lived there as a kid, or something like that. They shared some of their experiences and it was really neat.

I really want to thank all of you who are helping get us overseas and enable us to pursue what God has put on our hearts. It means so much to see how many people are behind us and feel the love of our brothers and sisters. That is so encouraging. So here’s a big shout out of thanks from me!

So now the garage is empty, and we’re making room for shipping crates. And getting ready to pack them!

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