One Last Birthday Backpacking Trip in Idaho

by Brian

Jonathan and I got to take a “Birthday” backpacking trip in the Birds of Prey Wilderness Area a couple of weekends ago. Lots of fun climbing buttes, filtering water, eating camp food, and generally not being able to worry about anything related to the upcoming move. Just lots of good time hanging out with Jonathan. What a blessing. I always ask myself when something like this is done, “Why did I wait so long, this is so good!” Happy Birthday, Jonathan.

You can click on any of the photos below to see a larger image.


His new “GeekPro” camera recording it all


A beautiful peaceful camping spot


Getting ready to filter water from the Snake River


We made it after climbing to reach the waterfall over Halverson Lakes! Nice and refreshing humidity in the middle of the desert. Makes me think about the psalmist David.


Yes, when backpacking with a 14-year old boy, you must rise to the challenge and be willing to “Lets climb that to the top!” Amazingly, I made it!

One thought on “One Last Birthday Backpacking Trip in Idaho

  1. What wondetful memories you created! When Garrett was 7 he fished in the Snake River with his dad and that is a special memory for him. I’m sure Jonathan will look back on this time for all his life.


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