We are here!!

by Grace

We have arrived! We got to our new home in Goroka, PNG, around 4:30p.m Thursday and were welcomed by our new teammates. We felt so welcomed and loved.  They drove us to our new house about 5 minutes away from the Goroka airport. It’s going to take us awhile to get use to driving on the left side of the road.

The CRMF team cleaned and worked so hard before we arrived to get our new home ready for us and loaded the cabinets with food. A huge thank you to them.

As I am writing this we are finishing up unpacking and Mom is going to the market with some other ladies.  We’ve already experienced our first power outage and thunder storm here.

We are so excited to finally be here and we couldn’t have done it without our supporters, family, and friends.  We are so thankful to all the people who worked beside us during our process of moving.  Also, we are very grateful for everyone’s prayers and we continue to ask for them. Love from PNG.


One thought on “We are here!!

  1. So glad you made it safely and with all of your luggage! May God’s blessings be on you and the family while you get adjusted to your new home.


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