Out to the Bush

We drove out of our compound around 7:35 (later than we wanted, but hey, we are on PNG time now), and tried not to run over the pedestrians outside our gate. I reached out the truck window and waved to Sarah, Daniel, and Bu who kept yelling “lukim yu”( which is Pidgin for,” see you later”). And off we drove to Lapilo (the New Tribes Base). Continue reading

Meet Bu (our house meri)

With us going to language school and Sarah and Daniel not being able to come, we knew we needed  help with some  of the house  work and someone to babysit the to younger ones. We asked  around and heard about an older national lady named Bu ( pronounced Boo) who had previously been a house meri to some MAF families. What is a house meri? First, meri is the pidgin word for woman. So house meri means a woman who helps with work around the house. Continue reading

Our First Holiday in the Bush

Last Wednesday we had a wonderful chance to get out, see a bit more of the country, and spend some more time with the Wakefields, the Australian family we’re serving with. The Wakefields have 4 kids: Josh-16, Elicia-14, Jessica-10, and Mikayla-8. They had been spending their Christmas break in Orobiga, a missionary’s vacation retreat run by the large Swiss mission group here, and invited us over for the afternoon. Orobiga was an old mission base and boarding school, but has been converted into a retreat where you can rent a cottage or stay in the old school dormitories. Continue reading

Welcome To Our New Home

Welcome to our house! It is small, but we all really like it. There are big windows, which provide lots of airflow, since we don’t have air conditioning.  There are three bedrooms, 1 bathroom, laundry room (just a washer, no dryer), office, dining room, living room, and of course a kitchen.  Our yard is beautiful! The landscaping is tropical and lush. We have banana trees, avocado trees, a tangerine tree, and many other plants and flowers that I have yet to learn the names of. However, it is a very noisy place, since we live right by the airfield and the only highway in PNG. Continue reading