Our First Holiday in the Bush

Last Wednesday we had a wonderful chance to get out, see a bit more of the country, and spend some more time with the Wakefields, the Australian family we’re serving with. The Wakefields have 4 kids: Josh-16, Elicia-14, Jessica-10, and Mikayla-8. They had been spending their Christmas break in Orobiga, a missionary’s vacation retreat run by the large Swiss mission group here, and invited us over for the afternoon. Orobiga was an old mission base and boarding school, but has been converted into a retreat where you can rent a cottage or stay in the old school dormitories.

IMG_20151230_174908 It’s located about 20 minutes out of town, so on the drive out we got to see a little of the surrounding settlements, and experience just a bit of the roads outside of town. Though the one there, even if not paved, was kept very well. The mountains are gorgeous, covered with the lush green of all the tropical trees, and we had some pretty great views along the drive.

At Orobiga we played some ping-pong while we waited for the afternoon shower to die down, and then we made our way down to the swimming pool.(Actually, they call it table tennis. Everything here has its British term; I guess that’s the Aussie influence) It was a blast being out in the water and sun, after being stuck inside sick the previous week.  After spending a considerable amount of time in the pool, we dried off, and went out to set off some rockets. The Wakefields made them from soda pop bottles and powered them by water and air pressure. Daniel really loved these, and we had to discourage him from trying to catch some of the larger ones! I think the height of his day was when he got to launch one himself. To top off the day, the Wakefields took us on a walk around the grounds.


Orobiga had almost its own little zoo: a tree kangaroo (one of PNG’s unique animals we’d heard about and got to see for the first time) two rather loud cockatiels and a couple of parrots, a very un-amiable possum (who growled at anyone who looked at it), and a whole herd of bunny rabbits, which I’ve noticed seem to be a favorite pet around here.

It was a really enjoyable afternoon; we had a lot of fun with our new friends, and continue to enjoy seeing more of PNG.

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