Welcome To Our New Home

Welcome to our house! It is small, but we all really like it. There are big windows, which provide lots of airflow, since we don’t have air conditioning.  There are three bedrooms, 1 bathroom, laundry room (just a washer, no dryer), office, dining room, living room, and of course a kitchen.  Our yard is beautiful! The landscaping is tropical and lush. We have banana trees, avocado trees, a tangerine tree, and many other plants and flowers that I have yet to learn the names of. However, it is a very noisy place, since we live right by the airfield and the only highway in PNG.


These are our paneled windows

Our compound houses three different nationalities. We share our duplex with a Swiss family and their three children.  There are two houses in the back of our compound that house a national  PNG family and two  PNG single men who work at CRMF.  Then, of course, there’s us! Our crates have not been shipped yet, so we are living with ,what CRMF calls, a survival kit. Meaning they provide all the kitchen wares, bedding, ect. CRMF  permanently provides the house with beds, chairs, tables, couches, and a washing machine.


This is our water filtration system.

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