Meet Bu (our house meri)

With us going to language school and Sarah and Daniel not being able to come, we knew we needed  help with some  of the house  work and someone to babysit the to younger ones. We asked  around and heard about an older national lady named Bu ( pronounced Boo) who had previously been a house meri to some MAF families. What is a house meri? First, meri is the pidgin word for woman. So house meri means a woman who helps with work around the house.

She has been great! We appreciate her so much. Sarah is about as tall as she is, but Bu will still pick her up. Bu has so much energy and plays soccer on a local women’s team even though she is almost 60. When we first got to know her she said that she would only speak Tok Pisin(the trade language) to us to make us learn well. Boy has she done just that!  Sometimes it can be very challenging only conversing in a language that we don’t really know, but it is actually been very helpful . We sit down every afternoon after language school and we try to talk and she corrects us till we have it right. I love it! She goes out of her way to explain the culture and the language to us.IMG_2165

We are thankful Bu has come into our lives. She is really a treasure.

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