Today was a bitter sweet day as we celebrated the end of our eight week culture and language course.  We are so  happy to be done and to move on to other things, but also sad because honestly we had a blast and couldn’t have asked for better follow students and language teachers. We learned so much in such a short amount of time. I am beyond thankful for all help and hints that I have been given.  Continue reading

“Ken Mi Stori Wantaim Yu?”

“May I share my story with you?”

We recently got another chance to hike out to one of the nearby villages. Our class gathered early in the morning, and we all started off along the path. We walked through some hillside gardens, mainly of kaukau (sweet potatoes), the staple crop of the highlands. People were very happy to wish us ‘morning’ and one lady in particular wanted to point out all her plants to us new white people. The teachers brought along some candies for the children, which was really the only way to tempt them to approach us. Win over the children, and you win over the parents. Continue reading