Class Mumu

As a celebration for finishing our eight week language and culture course our class put together a traditional mumu. Can I just say it was delicious.

We started out by killing our own meat…chickens with a machete. Warning: graphic content.IMG_2697.jpgIMG_2699IMG_2711.jpg

After Jenny, Bonnie, and I finished killing the chickens, the guys took on the job of gutting them  and the rest of us girls started getting the kumu (greens) ready. This meal consisted of greens, mixed with lots of ginger,garlic, carrots, chicken, peas, and  lemon grass. We tossed this all together. IMG_2756.jpgIMG_2770IMG_2786IMG_2791

Then we stuffed it all into a two foot sections of  bamboo. We covered the ends of the bamboo tube by stuffing the thicker banana leaves on top of the kumu. We stuck the bamboo in the fire for about 45 minutes along with some kau kau ( sweet potato) and cooking bananas. IMG_2860.jpgIMG_2829

Then of course we dug in  and ate to our hearts content. Nothing is better than good food and awesome people to share it with. We are going to miss not seeing our classmates that often , but we are excited as we start a new phase of life in PNG.IMG_2878.jpgIMG_2875

One thought on “Class Mumu

  1. That’s funny. In Hawaii a mumu is an a-frame dress that’s worn because it is loose fitting and has air circulation. Kaukau is food. And when you cook in the ground you build an imu.

    Your writing is so fun to read, to both learn about PNG and to enjoy your tales.


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