Language Class Recap

Our language and culture class was a total of eight weeks long and five days a week. It definitely was a growing experience as we were immersed in new things everyday. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. 

My favorite parts of the class were getting out and walking around in the local atmosphere. The villages are peaceful and beautiful. The people are more than welcoming. They go out of there way to make you feel comfortable and are very excited to help you with the language.


At the top of a hill looking around at the surrounding villages.

I am also so grateful for the in classroom days. Trying to memorize words, names of objects and many other activities. Our teachers are so helpful  and  the course was very well put together. I can’t believe all the new things I have learned in these eight weeks and I am so grateful for every person who has helped me with my pronunciation and homework.


Us attempting to make fire and our language teacher showing us up with his skills.

Together as a class we’ve  shopped, hiked, tried new food, laughed at each other as well as getting laughed at, slipped and slid down paths, competed, attempted to make fire, killed chickens, crossed rivers,  walked over swinging bridges, and worked hard.


Daniel and one of the ladies who work at New Tribes


Jenny killing a chicken for the class mumu


Getting ready to cross the river ( brukim wara , you would say in Tok Pisin)


Cooking a traditional mumu



Mingling at a village  and practicing our Tok Pisin


Daniel and Aute ( our language teacher) walking across the swinging bridge


Slipping and sliding down the path, but we  are all happy.

2 thoughts on “Language Class Recap

  1. Gracie, Thx for painting such a beautiful, descriptive picture of your time in PNG so far. You are quite the “wordsmith”, you know. Loving the photos, too. You are doing it all, sweet Chickie & we’re so proud of each of you. ❤️🙏 Love to all ❤️😘, Grandmom, Papaw Ron & Gr-Mamaw Phillips


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