My first MAF flight

Stuffing my last clothes into my backpack I ran out the door and hopped into our borrowed vehicle. We were off to the MAF hanger to grab a quick flight to Ukarumpa (the SIL base about a 20 min flight from Goroka) for the  MAF PNG family conference and all of us were very excited. Or… at least the ones that were going. Unfortunately, towards the last few days leading up to the conference a couple of our family members got sick. The ones that were actually able to go were Jenny, Jonathan, and I.


Jonathan( notice the  bandage  on his arm, don’t worry nothing too major)


Jenny waiting for the fog to clear


The sun was out and created a glow through the early morning mist. I breathed in the fresh air as I rolled down my window. This flight was going to be our 1st with MAF. We arrived and were weighed along with all of our luggage, then stood beside the plane We gazed at the fog, waiting for it to clear so we could take off.


Our luggage  inside the MAF Goroka hanger.


Loading up the plane

Matthias was going to be pilot for our flight. Over the past few week leading up to the conference Matthias and his wife had been living in our compound and we had the chance to get to know them better. They are based in Hogan (MAF biggest base in PNG), but had come down to Goroka for the conference that was coming up.


Matthias and his amazing wife Mandy


Matthias getting ready to cruise

The MAF International leadership arrived at the airport (they were going on the same flight with us) and together with a few other MAF families we boarded the MAF Twin Otter. I got a tighter grip on my camera then proceeded to climb the little red ladder that led up into the plane.  I loved the feeling of being in a smaller plane, but I crossed my fingers hoping that my motion sickness wouldn’t act up. Brad Venter (a MAF pilot based in Goroka) gave the brief safety talk and proceeded to expound on how he was not going to clean up the plane if we got sick. Once again I crossed my fingers.


Come with us it will be fun!!


As the plane left the ground we soared up through the clouds and  into the blue sky. Watching the breathtaking landscape of PNG pass beneath the plane, I sat in my seat and just thanked God for the crazy opportunities he has given me.


A village from the air





3 thoughts on “My first MAF flight

  1. Hello all of your Ward family!! We miss you here in Nampa, and are following closely all of your adventure! Reliving the time we spent there in Goroka. Thanks for posting a photo of all of the MAFer’s, it was great to see all, though we only know a few of the crowd. It is warming up here and we are getting the garden ready for planting. I’m sure you are all enjoying the wonderful veggies from the market there in Goroka…… I miss that!!! Warm blessings to you all. With love, Carol Imbrock


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