The Tire Went BOOM!!

I  was thrilled to be getting out of our compound at that moment. I was ready to hike and taste nature again after the dust and sounds of Goroka town.  I had been going  a little stir crazy of late, waiting for the weekend to join our classmates/good friends on a hike up to a mountain ridge. I suppose it was not meant to be, as my daydreams were shattered with that awful noise which can only be associated with a flat tire. Continue reading

What’s Up With Jonathan

By Jonathan

Lately I have been learning about PNG. I am learning about the sports they play, the way they cook, and their language.


Jonathan with his big brother(Billy)

Billy and Deo live in a house behind ours,in the same compound. Deo repairs electronics for CRMF. Billy is an accountant. We play games all the time in our yard: rugby, soccer, volleyball, etc. They have become like family. Deo has already fixed quite a few things of ours.

PNG’s favorite sport is rugby. I have learned some of the rules and now I need to practice. I have also been cooking a lot of PNG foods. They like to cook with coconut milk and it makes the food rich and creamy. Mom loves the coconut flavor and is always asking me to”crack a coconut” or “make coconut milk.”


Jonathan and Deo grilling for the CRMF board meeting


Taking pictures on a hike

I am also learning more about electronics and how to fix them. CRMF sells and fixes electronics. Yesterday  they were modifying some amplifiers and I got to help!



Jonathan learning from his big brother Deo


Our family

This is our new family photo!! I hope you enjoy how it expresses each one of our personalities.  What a crazy people I live with and how blessed I am by each one of them..edited