Back On the Road Again

A prayer that we have been praying almost since before we arrived has been answered. Yes! We finally have a vehicle. The white 10-seater Nissan van drove into the compound to the cheering of children on Monday afternoon. Previously owned and maintained by YWAM missionaries, Dad checked it out on his recent trip down to Lae (a coastal port city). No one was expecting it to work out.  We had heard many rumors about the van having a crash history. Imagine the surprise when Dad called with the news that he had found a van for our family! A few days after that call, the owner drove the Nissan into Goroka. He and Dad signed papers over lunch at a local ‘kai-bar’ (restaurant). At last, the freedom of a van! And with the room to drag along our friends on all of our crazy adventures, as 10 seats in PNG means it should fit at least 15 people, if not more. The PNG highway can expect our presence once more.


A huge thanks to those who prayed and donated for the vehicle!

By Jennifer