Six Months and Going Strong

It has been a whirl wind  these last six months. I have never before learned or experienced so many new things so fast. It has been a crazy adventure and a lot has happened in these past months. 

We finished Language School!!! But we still have a lot to learn.IMG_20160224_095828

Our fellow compounders( neighbors who live on the same compound)  left for deputation in Switzerland  in February  and will return next month.IMG_4617

We have a new addition to the CRMF ex-pat team. Meet Joey from the UK who his here working in CMRF’s electronics department.  He has quickly become like family. Take a look at his blog-


We finally bought a vehicle and now we can go places!DSC01562

We went to MAF 2016 Family Conference and got to meet more fellow ex-pats( and had a blast together)!!group photo MAF conference 2016

We hosted our first State of Origin game!! And have been introduced into the world of rugby.DSC01517.jpg

As always the kids are plugging away at school. Sadly we will have no summer break this year, as the move set us back on our schooling.  Jenny’s reading habits haven’t diminished and she can still be heard playing the keyboard. She is 16 going on 17  in December and working through 11th grade.


Jenny surrounded by Tok Pisin Bibles while helping me film some videos

Jonathan is always creating some new thing and yes, he has even made his famous homemade fire starters here and given them away.   He is 14 going on 15 in September and working through 9th grade. He will be attending a workshop run by CRMF that provides training on HF radio and basic solar installation in July. DSC00787

Sarah lives for playing on the trampoline and  with her friends. We lost our first cat, but just recently picked up another one for her. She is  a VERY tall nine year old and is in 4th grade.IMG_1667IMG_5450

Daniel adores his fellow playmate Greg, and between them both our life is never dull. Daniel is four and working through pre-school.


Daniel and Greg


Compound life can be a challenge, but it comes with its perks too.  It’s like living together as one BIG family. We see each other every day and play together all the time. Uncle Caine and Aunt Judith have become our Uncle and Aunt. Greg is like another brother. Deo and Billy have become our bodyguards and brothers


Deo and Jonathan in CRMF’s workshop


Daniel and his brother Billy



Billy teaching his ‘base two boys’ how to play rugby


See how hard they make me laugh.


Aunt Judith, Uncle Caine, and Greg

Mom is busy homeschooling, and hosting the many guests we have over.  Mom has a soft spot for all the single guys who have to cook for themselves, so we find ourselves very often with additional brothers for dinner. Mom had her forty fifth birthday and Dad and she celebrated their 22 anniversary together this past week.


Hosting the CRMF monthly prayer meeting


Going our on a date for their anniversary

Dad is very busy with bucket loads of different projects and most recently he is organizing a conference (Connect 2016)  bringing together all the many missions and church organizations to share resources and learn things from each other.  He enjoys working with his new team and traveling around PNG.


Dad coming back from one of his trips with his team mates.


Brian teaching at Basic Computer Course run by CRMF


Christy speaking at a Basic Computer Course graduation


CRMF team receiving bilums( the string bags) the traditional way of saying thank you

Grace is busy finishing up her last year of school, keeping this blog running and interning at CRMF. “I will go with Dad to the upcoming church conference and be in charge of producing media.” She is loves living here and working at CRMF.


Grace and Jenny (still best of friends)


Prayer requests:

. Mom needs to learn to drive a manual, and learning to drive a manual in PNG is a daunting task. Please pray for courage and time for practice.

. Dad’s upcoming church conference ‘Connect 2016’. Pray that it will be effective and encouraging for all in involved.

. Pray that we will get chances to develop relationships with non-believers.

. Energy and strength for the emotional and physically draining days.

. Our house meri’s( Bu) daughter  is not getting paid for teaching right now, so her family is living off of Bu’s earnings from us. Please pray for her daughter’s pay to start up again and that her daughter’s husband will be able to find work. On top of this, her daughter just had a new baby. Pray that the baby will be able to remain healthy.IMG_2162

. Pray that our ability to speak Tok Pisin will continue to grow and not stagnate at the level it’s at right now.

. Please pray for Grace as her asthma continues to get worse. that we would find solutions and that we wouldn’t have any emergencies.

.Pray for us in CRMF that we would be helpful and effective.

. Pray for continued good relationships with our fellow neighbors in the compound as we live together in close vicinity and see each other every day.






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