Jesus Film in Asaro

A couple Saturdays ago, Jenny, Dad, and I went to Asaro village to show the Jesus film with several other CRMF staff. The hetman’s wife, Mama Rose, told us that out of this village only three older women go to church. My head spun with this information. On our drive up there were tons of churches along the road, and this village is just off the highway. Sitting on the woven floor,  I prayed that this film would touch souls and  would plant a seed that would be watered. 

If you have looked up Papua New Guinea on Google, you probably would be familiar with pictures of people dressed  like this:


Asaro is famous for the ‘Asaro mudmen’, as they call the dancers, that paint themselves with mud and make big clay masks.

Soon after we arrived at the village, CRMF short term missionary, Anthony, started a soccer game. IMG_6207DSC01796.jpg

Children ran around and laughed, while some of the adults of the  village helped find a spot to hang up the white ‘lap-lap’ ( large cloth) out of the wind. The village was on top of  a small hill and it provided a beautiful view, but it was windy and cool on top.


CRMF car and the lap lap in the background



Nicpela pikinni tumas (very beautiful children)

After playing around a bit and  setting up the area to show the film, Mama Rose took us into her ‘raun haus’ and served us a wonderful PNG supper. I sat down by the fire  and watched the coals glow as Mama Rose told us about the needs in the village. She said she and some other older women have been praying for change  in the village for a very long time.


Anthony getting his food


I am quickly falling in love with PNG food


My beautiful friend and co-worker Carolyn

After a cup of coffee we finished our meal. We had waited till it was dark in order to show the film with the projector. The moon was shining brightly and a thousand starry hosts looked down at us as we began the film. Deo (CRMF co-worker) introduced what we were about to show. The group of onlookers grew as the movie progressed. They crept in closer, their eyes glued to the screen. I heard them mutter and exclaim all throughout the movie. When it got to the part of Jesus being nailed to the cross, the was a constant muttering of ‘sori’,’ai sori tumas’. After the film we had tons of people approach us and thank us for showing it.

Brian talked to the hetman (Henry) almost a week later and Henry told him that people have not stopped talking about the movie and that they would like us to come back.

“So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; it will not return to Me empty, without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55 :11


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