Prayer Update

These past few months have been challenging and trying for our family, but our friends and CRMF family have praying  and encouraging us.

Christy strained her knee while playing volleyball several months ago, and since then it has not been the same. She has a limited range of motion.  She has been using crutches to get around. Due to this Christy and Grace will be traveling back to America this Sunday, the day after CRMF’s big 60/70 Anniversary and will be staying in North Carolina with Christy’s mother. We are expecting that Christy will need surgery and physical therapy after, so we do not know yet when we will be back. It is looking like we might be away for a couple months, which will be very challenging for the family who is staying behind.

Approx. a month ago we got the news that Christy’s mother has cancer for the third time. Being so far away it hit hard. We would really appreciate prayers for her and thank you to all our friends who have been praying.

We would like prayer for:

. Brian, Jenny, Jonathan, Sarah, and Daniel who will be staying back in PNG, while Christy and Grace are gone.





-Christy’s knee surgery and recovery

-God would keep us strong and our spirits lifted while we’re apart

-Safe travels from PNG to America and back again

-Christy’s Mom, that God would give her and the doctors wisdom as they make decisions concerning her cancer


Grace and Becky (Christy’s mom)

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