Coming Back Soon

One more week then Mom and I will be going back to PNG!! I should have updated the blog earlier. God has been doing amazing things. You may remember that we announced our grandmother had cancer for the third time. She went to get a second opinion and the doctor shocked her with announcing they could not find or see the rare and aggressive cancer she was believed to have, much less any cancer. She is cancer free!! Thank you so much for praying for her.


Sister, Brother, Mother

We so enjoyed getting to reunite with family and friends. We got to spend time with Tyler (my brother) and our great-grandmother and many more.

You may also remember Mom was coming back to the U.S to get her knee checked on and a possible surgery. The doctor said he did not see any major tearing, so she started physical therapy  and noticed a difference after the first  week. Now a week out from going back, she is able to run, jog, and do all the things she wasn’t able to do before. Her knee is unfrozen and her limp is gone. We are so thankful she didn’t have to go through surgery and that she is healing.

Before we head back to PNG the rest of  the family will come down from PNG and meet us in Cairns (North Australia) for a vacation. Our grandmother and grandfather will  be coming to Australia also. We will be so happy to be back together again.


My brother and I sending love

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