Back to Normal

We are back again, living life on the island of PNG and happy to be doing so. The driver who took us to the airport in Cairns, Australia made a comment:

“Well, vacation is over, back to the mundane again, I guess.”

Hah!! Back to our normal? Yes. Back to the mundane? Nope, I don’t think so. Life in PNG is never mundane.

We are all getting back into a schedule with work, school, and other activities. We started a Tang Soo DO class (Korean karate) and we continue to go to the local gym. Jonathan’s been going  mountain biking with some of the local ex-pats and has proved his steel keeping up with them. He is one tough cookie and has plenty of scars to show. Jenny took her PSAT and will get her results in at the beginning of the year.

Mom’s knee is doing well and she is still running like she was twenty yesterday. She participates in a women’s bible study once a week and is really enjoying the fellowship from that group. She just went to a weekend women’s retreat this past weekend.

Dad has plenty of projects on his plate. We are currently planning the next Connect Conference (see previous post: ). His elbow has been acting up and we diagnosed it as tendonitis (tennis elbow). It can be extremely painful at times and there is no remedy except for time(and bucket loads of Ibuprofen). We would appreciate prayer for that.

Thank you for your prayers and support.


The Wards

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