It Was a Good Day

One balmy Sunday our Swiss neighbors (Schadeggs) and us (the Ward kids) decided to go on a hike. Everyone was excited to go out and walk through nature! Brian Ward drove us all out to the trail head and then took the car back to our compound.

We made our way up to Goroka’s water supply. Don’t worry; we filter our water. dsc02043


From the water supply we hiked upward to Mt. Kiss. Across Goroka valley we could see distant rain showers. It was beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing.  There were no cars,trucks, rubbish, smoke, or crowds. It was just us and nature.  dsc02063dsc02061


the Schadeggs looking down on Goroka



Jonathan (he’s getting very tall)


time for snacks


Meet our neighbors and friends, the Schadeggs: Lucas, Mahela, Jael, Timon, and Beniah


My PNG hat and bilum (made by the wife our CRMF security guard)


Ples Goroka

From Mt. Kiss we then hiked back down into town. The hike took about three hours (with children) and  was just enough to get us breathing hard.


look what we found


Sarah and her constant companion Jael


Jonathan giving Timon a ride


The last ten minutes of our hike, the sky opened up and poured rain. It couldn’t dampen our sky high spirits. However, we provided plenty of laughs to the locals (a bunch of white people running in the rain looks odd I guess).  We went into one of the local stores and bought soft drinks, then ran the rest of the way to our compound. Once back at home, we laughed and listen to the rain on the roof as we downed our calories and caffeine. It was a good day!


Soaking wet on the Schadegg’s veranda

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