Stock Take

Last weekend was CRMF’s annual stock take. It was a good chance for all our CRMF staff to spend time together and get out of our normal work routine. Jonathan and Jenny came in and participated. Also MAF’s senior accountant Fiona Stevenson came and helped us. We’re very grateful to her for all the work she has done for us.


Brian getting his assignments from Fiona


Early Thursday morning the CRMF staff gathered together at our usual time of 7:45 for lotu (devotions) then afterwards we got to work. Fiona divided us into teams and we were assigned different divisions of the stock. From there we counted and counted….and counted and counted…Oh and of course, recounted and then recounted again. We worked Friday too and then realized that we would have to come back Saturday. Sighs of grief escaped many of our lips as our dreams of sleeping in disappeared.


lots of concentration and confused looks


Many of us came back Saturday and worked further.¬† The result was our stock was counted and there was a bunch of red eyed, brain dead humans walking around that weekend. There is nothing like counting hundreds of small pieces of electronic equipment and then being told to recount them again. But that’s OK, we made memories and got to hang with some of the best.


Post 1st day of stock take

Good job all CRMF staff!!img_9958

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