What CRMF Does: (Part 1) Radios

We feel as though we’ve been talking about CRMF for a long time without giving you a clear explanation  of what CRMF is and does. CRMF stands for Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship. Sounds a lot like MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) right? We operate under the umbrella of MAF as a program in PNG. Our goal as a mission is to provide quality technology and support to churches and missions in PNG.

CRMF offers a variety of services. One our main services is installing HF radios in the remotest parts of PNG, providing isolated people with the means of communication. PNG  is very mountainous and most often there is no reliable transportation from the jungles to the towns/cities. We monitor our channel 24/7 and help organize medevacs with MAF. We have been able to help save hundreds of lives.


Jacklyn bends down to hug the patient. This lady started having complications with her pregnancy. Due to her history of having miscarriages the remote village  radioed in and asked us to medevac her out to the Goroka hospital. We contacted MAF and she was flown in.


The following pictures are of a radio install we performed at a remote village school in the highlands. The education department needed a way to communicate with the teachers. So CRMF was contacted.


CRMF HF Radio installation at Guasa.

CRMF HF Radio installation at Guasa.

CRMF HF Radio installation at Guasa.CRMF HF Radio installation at Guasa.

How are the Wards involved in this aspect of CRMF?  We just received our first radio training crash course a few weeks ago and have now started monitoring the radio (not in English). During work hours CRMF monitors the radio; after hours staff members (if provided with a radio) are required to help with monitoring duties. This means we have our radio on all day, night, and during the weekends. We only do this certain weeks out of the year as other staff also share the responsibility.


Our radio control center at CRMF

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