About CRMF: (Part 2) WIFIBible

Recently I have been working on creating some promotional videos for the WIFIBible and it reminded me, I should tell you what WIFIBible is. So here it goes!

CRMF’s tagline is Tech for the Church. One of our goals as a ministry is to create appropriate technological solutions to share the gospel. The WIFIBible is a small wireless router. What’s a router? A small box that sends out a WIFI signal, so you can connect to the internet. But this router is special. It’s signal doesn’t cost you any credit/money to connect. You connect automatically  to the WIFIBible website and download any of our material that you want.img_2556

WIFIBible contains many different Christian resources that can help you in your Christian life.

It contains gospel music, the Bible in 200 Papua New Guinean languages, Jesus film, and mobile apps.img_3289


How does this device help the people of PNG?


The WIFIBible on the bus

The WIFIBible is installed on some of the PMV (Public Motor Vehicle) buses which travel on the main Highway between Lae – Madang – Mt.Hagen.

The buses that are equipped with the WIFIBible can be recognized by the WIFIBible stickers on the front and the side of the bus.

The passengers traveling on the Highway bus can access the resources while traveling to their destinations.

The WIFIBible on the plane

By end of this year all the MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) planes in Papua New Guinea will be equipped with the WIFIBible. As MAF serves some of the most remote areas in PNG, even the isolated people will benefit from the WIFIBible.

The device on the plane is battery powered and is switched on while the cargo is off-loaded at an airstrip in the remote areas.

The WIFIBible in the bush

We are currently developing solar powered WIFIBible that can run in remote bush locations. It can be setup in a pastor’s house, a church building, or anywhere there is no power grid.


The WIFIBIble at Schools:

This past year we installed a WIFIBible at the local Goroka high school. The principal of the school discussed with us his concern of the students viewing negative and destructive material on their phones and that he wanted to offer them a better alternative. Now students can download good Christian music and content any time they’re at school, then go home and share it with their family and village.


Lucas Schadegg (that brains behind the WIFIBIble) showing students how to connect and download resources from the WIFIBible

The WIFIBible is also located at different churches and bookstores all around Goroka area.

To learn more about the WIFIBible, visit their website.http://wifibible.org/

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