CRMF HF Radio installation at Guasa.

CRMF’s David Feka and Joey Redhead flew on MAF to the small mountain village of Guasa to install an HF radio at the primary school to help combat the widespread problem of teacher absences in the remote highland villages. In Guasa, only three of nine teachers have been showing up to teach their classes in recent months while the absent teachers live in a city collecting a paycheck from an auto bank deposit. As is typical of the highlands, access to the village is by air – a 20-minute flight – or walking for two days to reach the closest road. With the HF radio in place at the school, teachers will be required to check in via radio on workdays.

David Feka is the resident expert on HF radio installations and Joey Redhead, new to CRMF, came along for training. Men from the community assisted in the installation that took two days, and the three teachers received basic training on how to operate the radio. The HF radio can also be used in emergencies such as to call MAF for medevacs.

With an overnight planned at Guasa, David and Joey showed the “Jesus” film to the community. In spite of a torrential downpour just prior to showing, well over 100 people showed up and stayed through to the end.

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