Election Time in PNG

Parliament elections approach. Campaigning has begun. For the next few months we can expect things to be a bit of a mayhem here in Goroka, Papua New Guinea. I’ll let Jonathan share a bit of what’s going on, as he has put some hands on work into making it happen.


It is a very crazy time in PNG right now: lots of cars are driving around with horn speakers advertising the Parliament they are voting for. As I am writing this post I can hear them. I have been volunteering at CRMF in the workshop, as most of you know. Lately what we have been doing is installing all those loud speakers. Basically we attach horn speakers to the roof racks of cars, then run a cable, which attaches to an amplifier and microphone, down to the inside. This set up can run off the power from the car battery. With three people we can get one car done in an hour, and have been kept busy for several days in a row.

A crazy fact: in Eastern Highlands, our residential province, a total of 392 candidates are vying each other for merely 8 available seats. Over the next while, these men and women will be holding rallies in the open and visiting villages in order to gain support. Many of these gatherings can be heard at our house, the sounds flowing from a nearby park.

Exciting times!

2 thoughts on “Election Time in PNG

  1. It sounds exciting and NOISY. However, you’ve learned a new part of the job at CRMF and another aspect of life in PNG. Of course, American politics is quite NOISY these days, as well. Thanks for posting, Jonathan. You did a good job!

    We are finally experiencing spring here in the Northwest. Today it’s supposed to reach 80 degrees, the highest we’ve had so far. It’s getting pretty with the blossoming trees and bushes. This weekend is the Bloomfest run in Spokane. Pinnacle is handing out water to the runners on Sunday.

    Love you guys, Grandmom



    • Wow, sounds nice there. Are the kids going to help with Bloomfest? I’m sure Sydney will be running in it some day soon! Oh, and I’m taking the SAT tomorrow:) — Jenny


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