now i ‘know’

Hi, it’s Gracie posting from Perth, Australia. I am now residing in
Australia and half way through the lecture phase of my
Discipleship Training School. Wow, I can honestly tell you I will not
come back the same person. God is changing me and using me in ways
that I could never have done on my own. download

YWAM Perth base


Perth City

I have also learned a lot about myself and how I have viewed God. God
has broken down so many wrong perceptions I had of him. In the past, I
‘knew’ that God was all loving and full of grace, but I approached him
as a perfectionist who only forgave me because he had to. I thought he was passive and unemotional, except the times when he would arise in anger. I had forgotten he created joy, fun, and all the other emotions. In my mind he didn’t view me as anything special, and was disinterested and distant. Deep inside me I still did not yet know that the Father God loved me.IMG_8001received_10155253077233000

What was my problem?

I had a head knowledge of who God was, yet my experience in life and the knowledge in my heart was different. I was passive and distant,
because I believed that was how God viewed me.  I thought true, mature
Christians were un-emotional and lacking in joy. Their relationship
looked more rational and the outcome was a lot of theological

I want to tell you about what happened and all the teaching that
really brought my heart to soften, but that would take forever. I
really encourage you to check out our teachers website,  specifically
the teaching on Father Heart, at:

What was the end result? God displayed his character to me in a VERY
intimate, real way. He knew exactly how I needed to experience him and
he broke down my walls. It was the difference between head knowledge
and heart (experience) knowledge. I KNOW now, deep inside me, that He
loves me: He loves his daughter!!10392068_1674546922817814_304858952727567181_n

​I am still trusting God with finances. I would love prayer for this! Thank you so much for all of you who have donated!

love you all!


One thought on “now i ‘know’

  1. Grace, awesome! So encouraging to hear how God is actively working in your awareness of who He is. Keep diving deep! And, beautiful photos 😉


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