What CRMF Does: (Part 4) BibleBox

The Bible Box is a project that both MAF and CRMF partner together on. It’s quite a simple idea, but it’s life-changing for people who have no access to Christian resources and Bibles.

What is the Bible Box?

The Bible Box is a plastic toolbox stuffed to the brim with Tok Pisin Bibles, audio Bibles, Jesus Film, reading glasses, memory cards, Bible handbooks, WIFIBible,  and more. All these products CRMF supplies and we give these Bible Boxes out to MAF pilots.

“What’s so exciting about a cheap plastic toolbox? Well, it’s what we use to store bibles and other Christian resources to take to sell in the communities we visit. (You may be wondering why we don’t just give them away? It’s because culturally the people do not value something that has cost them nothing. So instead, we heavily subsidies them to reduce the costs to something they can afford).

Dave Rogers, PNG Pilot

Dave Rogers, PNG Pilot, Based in Goroka. Flies Airvan (G8).

Ande was the first community I got the opportunity to pull out my new bible box. And one lady really took it upon herself to help me sell all of them all. She was so excited about the low price we were selling them for (according to her, half that of what they sell them for even in major towns where supply is easy). So she literally began to spruik them to the gathered community and was sprinting up and down the airstrip to the different huts gathering people.unnamed

It was touching to see each person come up gradually to have a look and buy one – I’d try to imagine how many people that each one was going to impact.

I also had some solar powered audio bibles with me. One man who had purchased one told me of how excited he was to be able to share it with his mother, who could not read, and would now be able to listen to it whenever she pleased.

In the end they cleaned me out of everything I had and asked me to make sure the next time I return I bring more, and tell them in advance so they can gather surrounding communities.

I wasn’t expecting to have to restock so soon, but that’s a nice problem to have!”

Dave Rogers ( MAF pilot)

Paul Woodington MAF pilot:

“I have just come back from a weekend in the bush. We sold out of Audio Bibles with back orders of 20. They have proved very popular.

Each time we go bush, we show the Jesus film at the airstrip and them go walkabout to another village with all the equipment and show the film again there. This family below purchased this audio bible from me 3 hours walk away from Guriaso in the West Sepik. Not even close to a village, just bush tru. They are very pleased to have this bible. All weekend we could hear people listing to their bible.16427333_1444120328934508_1169419318434811353_n

I am so glad they work! We have not had a return yet and they work first time with my need to instruct them at all. They work it out very quickly.”



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