Mangi (Pidgin for young man) on the Mountian

I recently was able to join some friends who were climbing Mt. Michael. We started out early Saturday morning, picked up our guide and headed out on the three-hour drive to the foot of the mountain. After quite a few stops for some great photos, we reached our destination.DSC08387 DSC08393DSC08409Three guides met us and accompanied us up the mountain. The trail up the mountain was the hardest I have ever been on. Our guides told us many people give up halfway. The road was tough and the trail slick, but we made it to the campsite around two in the afternoon.IMG_6137IMG_6139



After a brief discussion on what to do next, we decided on a hike to the summit with a guide and watch the sunset. It took us three hours to break the tree line and then all we saw was a disappointing view of the clouds not a sun in sight. A light rain was falling and as our guide was not prepared for the weather we sent him back down. Then we hiked along the ridge to the very summit, but as it started getting dark we had to head back. 20171007_17572220171007_175714Luckily we all had waterproof flashlights for there was a lot of moisture in the air. It was dark by the time we reached the tree line and after walking under the trees it was almost as dark as a cave. We had to be very careful walking down to our campsite the ground was wet the trail almost not existent and it was pitch dark. We all slipped at least a couple times and my hands were cut from grabbing the wrong type of trees. We made it to the camp wet, tired, hungry, but satisfied. DSC08445DSC08452DSC08441IMG_6156The next morning, we left camp around 8:30 and started down the mountain. I went first and you wouldn’t believe the number of spider webs there were! But even with the spiders, hiking down was lots of fun. We made it to the car around eleven-thirty and back to the house sometime in the afternoon where I rested the rest of the day.      IMG_6124IMG_1351

The trails were rough which makes for a lot of fun ducking under trees climbing down steep slippery places even jumping down some spots. We captured some great photos not to mention the memories. And I would totally love to do something like it again.IMG_6150

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