What CRMF Does: (Part 5) Solar Audio Bibles

What about the blind pastor, how can he preach if he can’t read?  What about the mother who never learned to read?

What about the children who never had the chance to get a good education? Does that mean they will never be able to understand or read God’s redeeming story for themselves?

Research shows that 70% of PNG people are illiterate and mostly concentrated in the rural pockets.  When compared to other countries, PNG’s adult literacy rate is regarded as one of the lowest in Asia and Pacific. How do you share God’s word with people who can’t read?

Romans 10:17 “So faith comes from hearing and hearing through the word of Christ.”



CRMF staff, Lina, prepares the audio bibles


With the help of MegaVioce CRMF has become a distributor and of the solar audio bible. CRMF supplies a simple solar powered device the size of a mobile phone that has the entire bible recorded on it. We supply them in English, Tok Pisin and a number of Tok Ples languages.


Audio Bible small

Megavioce audio player = Solar Audio Bible


“One Kamano speaker in Papua New Guinea reported how much his children love listening to Bible verses with the audio Bible player. Public school principals in that language group are asking for these solar Bibles to give to their teachers to play for class language study and devotion times. Local pastors are also using the units during their sermons instead of reading from the trade language and translating orally.

Many families listen to the players during their evening meal and keep listening to God’s Word until the batteries go dead four or five hours later. Children are asking if they can “recharge the batteries by putting the players close to the fire” so they can finish listening to one of the Bible stories.


IMG_9518 small.jpg

an order of solar audio bibles going out


Providing these players makes translated Scripture accessible to thousands of people in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Translation has bridged the language barrier, and Scripture in this format is bringing God’s Word to the ears and hearts of the people.”

-Charles Cibene
CEO, MegaVoice

IMG_0428 - Copy


IMG_0432 - Copy


At CRMF we have had several blind pastors who come in to purchase audio bibles and their stories are amazing and inspiring. God is using these audio players to accomplish so much.

excited about Bibles

Village excited about the Bibles the MAF planes brought

Are you interesting in sponsoring a solar-powered audio bible?

Sadly the price of these solar powered audio bibles has gone up. We are relying on donations to subsidize audio bibles for the rural communities. Do you want to be apart of spreading God’s word to every person, family, village, and tribe? 

Just shoot us an email @ bward@maf.org 


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