To Help Save a Life

Wonder what exactly your watching? Your looking at someone’s life being saved over the radio.

We have been working at CRMF , Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship, for three years. Throughout those years we have mainly been involved with the training of pastors and lots of consultation and working together with churches and other missions inside of PNG to encourage partnership with projects and to find solutions to reach the illiterate and isolated with God’s word.

But CRMF’s original mission still remains and that is to provide a radio network stretching across PNG giving remote villages and isolated airstrips communication with to MAF, hospitals, and the outside world. With the lack of health care and the lack of transportation out of these very remote areas, medevas are an essential service.


Old CRMF radio control center


2017 CRMF radio control center

One weekend we had radio duty. Radio duty is rotated, so that about every other month we end up with a week where we have to monitor the HF radio 24/7.

Around 9 am we heard Dusin, a radio outpost in Madang Province calling us.

” Alpha 899!”

“copy Dusim, go ahead” – Brian Ward responded

” we have a mother who is loosing lots of blood, we need a medevac, OVER !”

” Slow down Dusim, is the mother pregnant, OVER”

“Roger, yes the mother is pregnant, she is passing out, has lots of back pain, and loosing lots of blood, OVER”

Dusim’s radio operator voice was rushed and panicked. It was hard not have the same feelings.

At the same time Honinabi village was calling us over and over again to get confirm that a dead body would arrive on a certain day, so they could have a ceremony.

Also, at the same time Huya was calling us asking for us to confirm a flight for a dying women with MAF and release for the women from Runiganae hospital before she died.

Believe it or not at the SAME time Musula was trying calling us to get confirmation if a missionary would be able to fly out an help distribute relief supplies.

It was a busy Saturday morning.

After confirming the symptoms and logging everything on paper work. We called up Runganae Hospital and got a second opinion as they listen to her symptoms. They confirm she needed a medevac as soon as possible.

So we started calling MAF. After contacting the MAF medevac coordinator. We put the rest of the medevac into their hands.

MAF was able to fly the patient (Susan Laule) to Kudjip Hospital.

 If you asked us 5 years ago if we could have pictured ourselves helping someone hundreds of miles away in a remote village via radio to organize a medevac that would help saved a women’s life, the answer would be ‘No’. It would  seem too fantastic and YET it’s happened and ONLY because of God’s crazy grace and love that has guided our journey into missions. 




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