Powered by the Sun

Our mission base is now able to run on solar power!

For a long time now, we have had to deal with lengthy and frequent black-outs due to the unstable power. Black outs and getting work done don’t go well together.


Inside our house with power


Inside our house without power

Our generator at the main office compound takes a lot of expensive fuel to run, is very loud, and fills one our lower offices with it’s nasty smell and smoke. Now with solar power, even if the power goes off we have a stable, clean back up source.


For our compound( missionary housing) we also got some massive solar panels installed. Even if the PNG power drops out, our security lights will stay bright, which is a huge stress reliever.


In between school, Jonathan had a chance to work on the install for a couple days.

“My shoes are melting!” Jonathan exclaimed to me, as I also made my way up to roof of another of our missionary housing compounds.


Jonathan was busy installing huge solar panels along the roof. After fixing the brackets and metal stands, the panels were then attached.

After some more technical, electrical work our solar power was up and running.



Good job team!

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