Refresh a Wounded Soul

Refresh a Wounded Soul:
Trading a bottle of tears for a bottle of clean water — Psalm 56:8

When even your family participates in beating and torturing you, where can you turn for help? In Papua New Guinea (PNG) the Meri Safe Haus may be the only option for these survivors of extreme, brutal violence. Papua New Guinea is known for being one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a woman. Here 68% of women have experienced domestic and/or sexual abuse, rising in the highlands to nearly 100% of wives.

This post contains mildly graphic images 

Retired pastor Papa Ejampi Suave a  had a vision and dream to build a  refuge for these women. Using money out of his own income for over 20 years, he has fed and clothed numerous women getting medical care for their wounds and a new start in life.

IMG_0190 copyblurred.png

” I don’t want want the same things that happened to me, happen to may daughter,” – Survivor living at the Meri Safe Haus with her two daughters.

“He even took prostitutes home with him and he and his wife helped feed and cloth them. Today, some of those prostitutes’ children have become a doctor and a mining engineer.” – Sharon, Trauma Counselor at Meri Safe Haus

Papa Suave was able to tangibly see the answer to his prayers  when the Meri Safe Huas opened in 2015. Here up to 30 survivors can have access to…

. Food
. Beds
. Basic Toiletries 

. Clothes
. Children are sent to school and have their school fees paid. 
. Counseling


They are in great need of a consistent and sustainable water solution. Their connection to town water can be off for hours or even days at a time. This can bring a lot of challenges while trying to cook food, provide drinking water, clean, wash clothes, and bath for large amounts people.
We are raising money to purchase a large water storage tank (for storing town and rain water), gutters to collect rain water, and a hand pump and gravity feed system to  push the water to where its needed.

Our goal is to have  have all needed funds raised by the beginning of May.

Do you want to help sponsor a…

. 9000 L Rain tank
. Guttering and downspouts  
. Header tank for an upstairs bathroom
. 3 cement bags for rain tank pad
. Hand cranked water pump
Visit the Refresh a Wounded Soul Facebook page to read more about the Meri Safe Haus and the Refresh a Wounded Soul Project.

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