New Leadership

MAF Technology Services in Papua New Guinea (locally known as CRMF), the mission we having been serving with, recently had a change in leadership.


Our general manager, Michael Wakefield, has been serving as the GM for about 10 years and he and his family will now be moving to back to Australia to start his children into university.


It has long been a dream of MAF Technology Services be a nationally run mission and this year it is happening! Bryan Matthews, who has been working at MAF Technology Services for over 10 yrs, will now be stepping into the general manger’s role. We’re excited to see where he will take the organization in the future!

For over 60 years, we have always had an ex-pat in the general manger’s position, but who better to run a ministry for Papua New Guineans than a Papua New Guinean?


Bryan Matthews and his inspiring wife, Pam

We have a lot of respect and appreciation for Bryan, who has gone above and beyond to serve in ministry and selflessly spend his times helping others. We also know Pam, Bryan’s wife, will be a huge asset to the ministry. With experience in working in the government and for social causes, we are excited to see what she can bring to the organization.

Please pray for Bryan as he steps up to carry this larger responsibility.


The CRMF Team

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