The past month has been filled with celebrating Brian parent’s anniversary and having some good quality family time with all the Wards in Spokane. It was amazing to realize how much we have changed and grown as well as our cousins!



Now 2019


I believe this is in 2014

While we were in Spokane, we visited Jenny’s new school, Whitworth University and were really impressed with the school, campus, and staff. Go Bucs!!

She will start class in the last week of August and we’re so excited for her.


While we were up in Washington we hopped over the Idaho border to see Tyler and Alexis’s new home town and visit them. We’re pretty excited about seeing them more often now that we live a bit closer!


A few days later after arriving in back from Spokane, we attended the annual MAF family conference. It was a very encouraging time with a great speaker and the kids had fun with the missionary kid (MK) group getting to children that have lived in countries all across the world. 

Now, we are making progress on cleaning up our house and yard. We are so thankful for the great weather. Having rented our house for the past three and half years there is quite a bit of maintenance and repair now to do. It seems that every day our to-do list gets longer and longer.


How are we doing?

The most common question we keep getting is:

” so how is it being back?”

I guess we interpret this to mean is” how do we feel about being back?”

Well, Some of us are happy to be back in the same town as before. Others wished for a new start right away like moving to a completely new place.

We miss PNG and our friends in a huge way.

At the same time being back in the US, everything is new and fresh right now. We are enjoying  Mexican food, berries, and Costco.

For Daniel, it’s like moving back to a  completely new country. He hardly remembers anything since we moved shortly after him turning four.

All of us have been experiencing re-entry culture shock in one way or another. Some more than others. But it’s been fun to watch Daniel react to seemingly normal things. He gets so excited in the supermarkets, because of all the choices. Normally, in PNG if we saw something we really liked in the store we would have to ‘stock up’ on the item buying more than one because who knew when you would see that item again. It’s a complete shift in our mindset when we go into the store now. Daniel is still catching on.

Thank you for your support and prayers.



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