week 5 of outreach

Yes, I have learned that missions trips are not rainbows and lots of daisies. It’s not always bright, clean colors and pictures of smiling children. It may mean standing lines for hours waiting for transportation, getting dirty, wet, , and getting sick. It may mean walking in slums and talking to drug addicts and prostitutes. It may mean early mornings and late nights. It often means never getting alone time, feeling claustrophobic, eating food that you DON’T want to eat, killing cockroaches every night, and stepping in lots of poo. Continue reading

now i ‘know’

Hi, it’s Gracie posting from Perth, Australia. I am now residing in
Australia and half way through the lecture phase of my
Discipleship Training School. Wow, I can honestly tell you I will not
come back the same person. God is changing me and using me in ways
that I could never have done on my own. #powerofthespiritdownload
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