When it Rains

How can that girl keep dancing that cold rain? We stare at her through our coffee shop window. She must be crazy. The rain pounds down and still, she dances on. She’s soaked, yet she’s smiling. Her hair drips, yet she looks happy. Why is she happy, when the storm is all around her is trying to tear her down? We sit back with our coffee, happy that it’s not us caught in the rain, but wondering why she’s enjoying the downpour. Continue reading

week 5 of outreach

Yes, I have learned that missions trips are not rainbows and lots of daisies. It’s not always bright, clean colors and pictures of smiling children. It may mean standing lines for hours waiting for transportation, getting dirty, wet, , and getting sick. It may mean walking in slums and talking to drug addicts and prostitutes. It may mean early mornings and late nights. It often means never getting alone time, feeling claustrophobic, eating food that you DON’T want to eat, killing cockroaches every night, and stepping in lots of poo. Continue reading