Visiting Covenant First Presbyterian Church

by Grace

In Cincinnati Kentucky we spoke at a beautiful old church, where we were welcome so warmly and felt right at home with the church members. Covenant First Presbyterian Church introduced us to some of the best local pizza and then later walked us through downtown Cincinnati to the favorite local ice cream shop.

DSC06229We felt so blessed by the church’s kindness and are so humbled by the support and kindness shown to us during this trip.

A special thank you to the Ford family for hosting us, playing games with the Sarah and Daniel, and making us feel right at home. You’re a real blessing.

Riding in style

by Grace

Our hot ride is a big blue fifteen passenger van. Whatever it looks like on the outside,  it is never boring inside

Of course we can’t travel without music! We all agree on the Rocky soundtrack. There’s lots of eye-spy,  lip-singing, and guessing games.

Grace loves to either play her guitar, draw, or listening to her music.

Jenny is eating up audio books as quickly as possible.

Jonathan can be found reading his Kindle, eating, and always trying to start a game of something.

Sarah loves to color Disney princesses.

Daniel plays on his ipad and is forever looking for trains.

Mom and Dad are driving, navigating, and talking on the phone making appointments.

We’re Off!

by Grace and Jenny

First day of traveling went really well! We will be traveling for three day across the country. On our 4th day we will see our first friends in KY. We are so excited to get to see you all.

Our first we made it through ID, UT, and spent the night in WY. On our last trip, our van started to fall apart by now and we would notice the muffler dragging the ground in the hotel parking lot. Praise the Lord for a much newer van!

Here’s packing looks like for seven people:

. sarah_packing daniel_packing